Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Autofill

     After my grueling tour de chateu (if you want to know what I mean, check my Twitter--and follow me), I am finally ready to complete the fourth (or fifth?) installment of AUTOFILL THURSDAY! Whoo *mass excitement*! Today we start with the stem "When will...?" mostly because I'm running out of Google questions to ask and no one is giving me any real ones. But that's okay, because we have fun with this!

Question 1: When will psn be back online?
Answer 1: Interesting that you should ask. A few weeks back, I actually answered the question "Why is the
Playstation network down?" (To read the true answer to that question, as well as many more hilarious/false answers to dumb questions, click here) Now the great answer to this question...never. Playstation network is being completely redesigned, hyped up with super security. It will be probably a long time before it even comes back online, and it will almost definitely be completely different. Next question.

Question 2: When will it rain in west Texas?
Answer 2: This may be only the second most asked question on Google, but it is the top question in West Texas. Literally, we each ask this--out loud or to ourselves--at least five times a day. It hasn't rained here (and by rained, I mean more than an inch) in over 150 days. No joke--a website told me (can't find it now, or I'd link to it) that in the time since it's rained here last, a newborn would have begun to crawl and say its first words. So the answer to the question--it better be soon, or I'm leaving. But the real answer--probably never. Start packing.

Question 3: When will the world end?
Answer 3: It's ending right now! Look out your window! Oh no! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. I'd suggest you stop freaking out about this, because it's very likely that a) it won't happen for billions of years scientifically or b) religion-wise, it's going to be when you least expect it. So calm down.

Question 4: When will TAKS scores be up?
Answer 4: Um, well, they already are. In fact, mine are sitting right next to me. However, AP scores...are a different story. Those come out tomorrow, and I'm sort of freaking out. I will probably be posting about the merits/pitfalls of standardized testing tomorrow, depending on how the scores go.

Question 5: When will my life begin?
Answer 5: Well, I hate to break this to you, already has. And if you're old enough to Google the pointless question listed above, then you've already wasted a good chunk of your life thinking that you're not alive yet. Sorry! I'd reccommend you go on a vacation--start living that life. Man, I wish I could do that.

     And that's all for AUTOFILL THURSDAY! Sorry, there weren't very many questions--#1 and #2 were asked in different ways a total of five times. And I'm running out of different questions/answers to get from Google. Maybe next week, I'll do a Google Challenge or something. We'll see. If this wasn't funny enough for you, well...sorry. Give me something to answer, or some crazy Google Challenge you want me to do. Everybody loves bloggers making themselves look stupid over the Internet, right?


  1. what about "how does...?"
    or "can I...?"
    or "why can't I...?" (I'm pretty sure I saw "why can't I own a canadian?" on there once...)

  2. Alex, guess what! You won POSSESSION by Elana Johnson! Congrats! *goes off to email you for your info*


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