Monday, November 29, 2010

Calling all search engines!!!

Yet again, I am speaking into empty cyber-space.
     Yeah, those four pageviews I mentioned yesterday. They were my own. The stupid blog won't stop counting my own pageviews. GAAAAAHHHHH! And search engines still can't find me. So this is my signal fire, my desperate plea for rescue. SOMEONE FIND ME!!
     The whole point of a soon-to-be author having a blog is to gain a following. And since my previous efforts have cultivated all of...none followers, I'm stuck. I don't know what to write, what to say, what I could possibly tell you to gain your approval. I don't wanna put my own work up here--that's scary. So for now, I'm going to light my signal fire with a paragraph of nothing but the word "writing." If by some miracle you stumble across this page, tell me what you recommend I do to find a. google and b. devoted followers. Even if you couldn't care less about books and authors and a dreaming kid, please just comment and leave a idea. One. Uno. That's all I ask. And now, the fire.
     Writing. Writing. Writing. Writing. Writing. Writing writing writing. WRITING!!! Writing writing writing writing writing writing writing writing writing writing....etc. Good enough? Lets find out...
     How many posts does it take to get to the center of Google? The world may never know.

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