Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Weaving of Words

     I would just like to start off by saying that I hate Suzanne Collins.
     Very, very, very much. If I were half as good of a writer as she is, my life would be complete. I just finished Mockingjay (yet again), and it is the most perfect thing I have ever read. From the writing style, to the speed, to the plot, to Katniss herself--its freaking AMAZING! Now if only we could trust Hollywood to produce a similarly stunning piece...
     And after finishing that book, I am incapable of doing anything but staring at my own measly attempt of a novel in disgust. She's certainly a tough act to follow, writing-wise. But, as I had hoped to have this sent off last week, I suppose I better get to down to business.
     What, you may ask, am I doing blogging, then? Well, first of all, I'm still trying to see if this thing works. I found out today that I got 4 pageviews, which makes me slightly more hopeful, but Google still can't find me. So I'm going to write an article, say the words write, writing, and publishing as often as possible, and try for some luck. If this article gets tedious, well...go read the Hunger Games and come back in a few days. No, don't do'll never be able to appreciate this lame form of writing after that.
     Secondly, I suppose if I hope to in some way attract any attention on this site, you should probably find out how I write. work. Basically, for lack of time, I'm just gonna copy and paste my teaser for my soon-to-be query letters into this post. Please, please, please tell me any ways that it can be improved, because writing a book and writing a query letter are two entirely different things.
     "Adrien has long since found a home, a place where he can live and forget, off of the Western Coast of a shattered version of the United States. With his recovering sister Rose and confidante Krissa, he has begun to rebuild his life. But Adrien has drawn the interest from someone higher-up, and no longer will it be safe for him, or his makeshift family, to sit on the sidelines. All too soon, he will become a part of a conflict much more integrated and personal than he would have ever thought, a conflict centered around a reformed society, strange Talents, and the central question--are anyone's actions truly their own?"
     And on that note, I'm off to get a book published. Please comment so I know that I'm reaching at least a few souls out there :)

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