Sunday, May 8, 2011

Internet Presence

Hello cyberspace (and my new followers, courtesy of my overzealous sister),
     The blog has been revived. Whoo-hoo! Now I get to start posting again. Uuuuunnnnnggggghhhhhh.
     You may ask, "Why did you start this blog again, after it was such a disaster the first time around?" a great question. Let me tell you a story.
     Once upon two days ago, I sat across a table from a real-life literary agent (name witheld just in case I get in trouble) and talked about my work, which is now a much better WIP called Flash. Then, I went to her class at the LDStorymakers Writing Conference about getting published. She talked about butterflies and circles and business, but mostly she talked about cyber-stalking. "When I like a writer's work," she told us, "the next thing I do is cyber-stalk them. If they don't have an Internet presence, I usually pass."
     And thus the blog became important again.
     But that's not the end of it. Now, I have promised to post on this twice a week. Now, I have a Twitter account and a Facebook page solely dedicated to my authorship. If and when someone finally sees this page, I urge you to follow both of those (as well as this blog) so that I can gain a real following. My Twitter thing-y is @Alexstoryman, and my Facebook is Alex Hoagland Author. I will not add you, Kathleen or Michelle because I do not want to link that page to the rest of my high school compatriots.
    So come back regularly, becuase Chaotic Gibberish will continue. (*Wild applause*) Just don't expect any great insights.

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  1. A suggestion to gain more followers is to make this something people can find. After the conference, I tried to find all the new AI people's blogs by putting their name in a blogspot address...if anyone else at AI is doing the same, they won't find your blog. My suggestion, short of changing your blog name, is two-fold: start following other writers' blogs and post a link to your blog on AI with a short description of what you blogged about that day...if you talk about it, people will come!!


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