Friday, June 17, 2011


     Hello, Blogworld! I'm finally home, and have made the realization that...I did not miss home. At all. Not even the smallest bit.
     Nationals was pretty much the funnest thing of my life, and an awesome break from my utterly boring life. Even though it was in Dallas, which is like the most boring city ever, we managed to entertain ourselves. Wanna hear about it? Of course you do.
     We arrived at the Sheraton (five star hotel--oh yeah!) to find that it was swamped with manga fanatics. Literally fifteen thousand people dressed in anime costumes were walking the streets and doing obnoxiuos anime things. As you can imagine, girls obsessed with anime aren't normally the best lookers, and anime clothes aren't the most modest of apparel. So...yeah, the jiggling of disgusting bare midriffs practically scarred us for life. Ugh.
     We later learned that the Sheraton has no food in it. Literally all there was was room service, and that was exorbriant. A bowl of cereal cost $16! After wandering the hotel for a half hour looking for food, Connor (my partner) and I concluded that there was no vending to be found in the hotel, so we changed tactics. We went looking for a way onto the roof.
     Now, we didn't find it. All of the ladders were either locked or guarded by an emergency alarm system (who would go onto the roof in case of an emergency??) However, while roaming the top floor of the center tower, we discovered a secret door. After going through it, we found that it was locked, and our keys wouldn't open it.
     The only other way out of the room was a staircase, and it went up! With growing excitement, we climbed the steps to find a vast, dark, empty room with nothing but a huge air conditioner, and tons of water pouring into it. It was super cool.
     The trip was fun, and I have more stories to tell, but right now I'm boring myself by telling these stories for the six hundredth time (and it probably shows in the blogging) So, tomorrow I'll have a new story for you.
     Until then, chao.

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