Monday, June 6, 2011

Video FAIL

     So...sorry about the video. But it's not happening. I tried to make the video. No, scratch that. I did make the video, and it was pretty much pure awesome. However, the computer couldn't handle it. I clicked the "Publish video" button, and the computer had a heart attack.
     After open-heart surgery and a couple defilibrations, I am forced to conclude that the video will not appear on Chaotic Gibberish. Maybe another time, when I can devote myself to working out the bugs. For now, be content with watching John Green or Charlie if you really need a funny video. Just imagine me saying equally hilarious things, and you'll have the video my computer couldn't handle.
     Oh, and for all you out there wondering, yes, I did figure out what alpha/beta readers are. And I even have some of my own, now. How's that for fast working?

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