Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bruised Knees

Okay. I promised a post.  A real post.
How 'bout a real short post?

As you can see, Chaotic Gibberish has been enhanced (or, as my debate teacher would say, "refreshed and rejuvenated.") Because of this, it has now become necessary for me to post often, and to include pictures. Something I've wanted to do anyway, but now I have a legitimate reason to. Tonight, the picture won't be great, since I took it with my iPhone (yes, I'm rubbing it in.) but you can expect more artistic and creative photos once I get my camera out there (or steal other people's pictures from Facebook.)

Yeah, I told you. Not a great shot. But you get the idea. This is what Mormons do in their spare time.

Yeah. We're weird.

Midget baseball. Playing baseball on your knees, with a marshmallow and a spatula. Sounds great in theory, yet decidedly less so in practice...on a hard wood floor...minus the knee pads. Let's just say there will be about twenty people walking around school tomorrow with purple knees, ankles, and elbows.

So that's my evening. Now I have to make a Prezi over The Canterbury Tales (if you don't know what Prezi is, check it out--coolest presentation software ever.)

As for my plan of action. To make this blog successful (and fun--at least for me.) I have decided to change the blog posting schedule. I will post short blurbs about my life every day--for the most part. I'm not promising 100% dedication; I will miss a day. Don't freak out if I do.

Also. Autofill Thursday is indefinitely postponed. Well, not postponed. Evolved. Every boring day where I can't think of a funny story to tell, I will do something similar to Autofill Thursday, whether it be a random fact, story, or Google Autofill. They'll be fun. I'll even keep the label to Autofill Thursday, so you can find all the funny random pages in the same place.
There's the plan. Think I can stick to it?

No. Neither do I.

But, as a token of appeasement, please enjoy this video of me rockin' that spatula. See you tomorrow.

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