Friday, September 30, 2011

The Answer

I found the answer.
No really. I found the solution. I'm sitting here in AP English lit, waiting for the bell to ring. But then, I remember. I can blog mobile-ly!

So, in the hopes that attaching an image to my email will register it as a picture, I have attached a picture of my bored English group. Or I will. Once I take it. Let's see how sneaky I am.

Answer: not so sneaky. But I got my six weeks grades--7 100s. Look out, Hunter Drozd. Sneaky Alex is sneaking up on you.

So who's taking the SAT tomorrow? Who's gonna get a 2400? Thats right. This kid.

What should I blog about...? There's nothing exciting going on. I have to write an essay on the impact of new media on peace--like Facebook, YouTube, etc. And I'm super excited about a short story idea I have. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow, you'll hear about the college application process. Until then, we wait till 3:55. I've only wasted 10 minutes of this class.


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