Thursday, September 1, 2011


     So tired. School does that. Mind you, it's not that it's exhausting because it's difficult--it's exhausting because it's not. Ugh.
     But this is a blog so I can pretend to be peppy even though I am so not! And it's Thursday! (See, adding ! makes things peppy. See? No, you don't!) Today's question is "What do i..." but I'm not doing too many because I have a debate case to write. But we'll talk about that Tuesday.

Question One: What do I want to eat?
Answer One: Um. Pizza. I just had Cici's, and that was the first thing on my mind. Although I just ate (redundant much?), so thinking about food just makes my stomach hurt.

Question Two: What do I need for a passport?
Answer Two: An ID, some money, and a criminal record. Okay. Maybe not the last one. I just wanted to know if you're paying attention. Generally, records are kinda bad for passports. They don't like to let criminals venture to other countries.

Question Three: What do I want to do with my life.
Answer Three: Don't start a blog. That is the most unfulfilling job in the history of the universe. (Although I must admit--this question is pretty thought-provoking for a high school senior. What do I want to do?)

Question Four: What do I want for my birthday?
Answer Four: A cake. And maybe some ice cream. Oh, and presents. Presents are good. Oh, you mean what kind? Don't ask me. Or Google.

Question Five: What do I need for P90x?
Answer Five: Uh, I don't know what that is. Let me go google it to make sure it's clean. Fitness? Workouts? No wonder you need to work out, if you use the Internet to answer every question you have instead of getting up and walking (waddling) to find the answer! Come on!

But seriously. I don't know. Go find out.

And that's all. Tune in next time (on Tuesday) for an interesting discussion on justice and animal rights. Or at least I hope it'll be a discussion. Join me to find out. See you then.

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