Tuesday, August 30, 2011

GUESS WHAT???????????!?!?!?!???

I finished my book.

Yep. Actually, I finished it a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to tell you. I know, I know, how can an author forget that he finished a six-month long project of love and devotion (yeah, right)? I'll tell you how.

Start school.

You know how when you stop doing something you hate for a long time, you start to maybe think that that thing you stopped isn't actually so bad, and might actually be entertaining? And then you start it again, and...realize how much you detest it. That's what school does to me. I have what you might call a bad case of senior-itis--I'm ready to graduate. I like to refer to it as...I can't put up with stupid people. And where is a better place to find a large quantity of stupid people (of all ages, even) than a high school?

But I'm not here to dwell on that. I'll complain later, once I have a real (and finny) gripe. For now, just listen to the sound of my excitement. Well, okay. Watch it.


Okay. I'm done. Now to start the editing......

Maybe I'll go read some of the Aeneid first.

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