Sunday, October 30, 2011

Once Upon A Time

There was a boy who went to church with complete strangers. And didn't get eaten.

In fact, no one even talked to me. I bet they thought I was just some random college kid who was a tad inactive. It was nice to get a feel for it though.

Tomorrow, I get to go to school (like a real boy--I'm on a fairy tale kick) I'll be going to Chem 101, TMA 114, ECON 110, and BUS MA 241. Sounds pretty legit.

The only problem? It'll only heighten my readiness to be done with high school.

But I digress. Have any of you seen Once Upon A Time?


It's legit. Like way legit. Like the est television show I have ever seen except for LOST and the occasional Doctor Who. Congrats, guys on writing two awesome shows in a row.

Hopefully that'll be me in a few years.

What do y'all think? What're your impressions with the show? Right now, my fingers are crossed that we get a second season. That's all I want.

By the way, the picture is completely random. It's my mother dearest, making faces at me over her Smash Burger cup. I thought you'd enjoy it.

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