Sunday, May 29, 2011

Austinian Adventures

     So, I lied about this trip being completely worthless. After a mere fifteen minutes of being in the Weird City, the approximate time it took us to order and eat our dinner (we eat at the speed of light), we decided to find an adventure. And adventure we found.
     It started with an innocent trip to Kohl's...five minutes before close. After some very 007 maneuvers and a few close calls with employees, we managed to make it a whole minute after close before being escorted out. Just to be clear, though, it wasn't my fault. It was Hannah's :)
     By this point, all the other stores in the strip mall were closed. So we were left wandering the plaza in the dark looking for entertainment. We came across a large, fenced off field with a drainage ditch leading into it, and well...lets just say we got curious. After several close encounters of the fourth kind (namely, hoboes), we left to find the buses on time, and to save our less-poor-than-average skins.
     En route to the buses, we passed a closed bank. And what self-respecting teenager walks by a closed bank without robbing it? Needless to say, the ATM only gave us an empty envelope, but still. We're big and bad. And what adventure would be complete without adventures in the shopping cart? Right in front of the band directors, jealous band kids, and the demon orchestra director, we spun each other around in shopping carts and almost died. It was great.
     Now, I'm sitting in a hotel room listening to a fish-eyed kid mess with the breaker box (I've typed this three times) and my roommate (also the "coolest" kid in band--after I quit, of course) reading over my shoulder asking, "Does anybody read this????"
     Unfortunately for us both, and the empty chambers of cyber-space, the answer
     But I write it anyway. Maybe someday....


  1. (um, I think I might have already posted? but blogger gave me an error, so just in case, I shall try to reproduce)

    I said ...

    Dude! I read this! And it was a super fun story!

  2. Haha no Ali, you only posted once. But I am super stoked anyway!


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