Wednesday, June 1, 2011


     I should have known.
     I should have known it would be that easy to find followers. All it took was one baby email to Authors Incognito, and within five minutes, I had a follower. Then another. And another. And now...I have eleven. (hushed whisper) Eleven followers! I feel popular.
     So, hi, if you're reading this. *waves*. It's good to know that now I am actually talking to someone, even if you never click on my blog again. If you do, though, I encourage you to take a look at the new and improved Chaotic Gibberish website. Thanks to Google, Queso-flavored nachos, and you, my wonderful new followers, the blog is better than ever. I hope you like it.
     And if you're still not done enjoying pure awesomeness, then don't stop! Follow me on Twitter and find me on Facebook. Leave comments below with any questions or post requests. Soon enough, you'll see even more renovations and awesome posts, here on Chaotic Gibberish.
     Until then, enjoy your awesomeness.


  1. You are now officially my fave person of the day. :) And see, I read you TWICE!!

  2. Cool blog. Glad to have you joining the rest of us.

  3. And I make 16! I'd love it if you'd hop over and follow my blogs. I have 4. You can find them in my profile! Thanks! Happy blogging to you.

  4. Haha, you're awesome Betsy. I will definitely do that. Nice to hear from you, too, Cindy and Ali.


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