Sunday, May 29, 2011

What to Blog About When There's Nothing to Talk About

     So, in accordance with the twice a week rule, I am blogging again. Only this time, I have no funny (I hope) obituaries or otherwise entertaining postage. I am at a loss.
     Why don't you tell me what you want to see me blog about? Writing--its been done a hundred times. Once I get back to writing (after a long week of band and NATIONALS for Debate), I'll have more for you on that anyway. My fantastically boring trip to Austin this week--only if something actually blogable happens while I'm there. That being said, I am bringing a who knows? You may be hearing from me at Texas State Solo and Ensemble.
     Want to hear me rant about something in particular? Just leave it in the comments below. One request, though. Click that little button on the right-hand side before you do. It says, "Follow". Please?
     I just want to know that someone is out there.

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