Monday, June 6, 2011

A Video on a Blog? Sacrilege!

     Hello Blogworld! Here I was, sitting at this computer wondering what deeply insightful piece of bloggery I will give to you today, when I started to cheat. I watched a bunch of crazy videos on Youtube, the kind of videos in which hilarious people do really stupid things to look even more hilarious.
     And I thought, I could do that.
     So in a couple hours, I will be going to work (no bloggable stories there--they pay me to sit around for hours on end) and when I come back, I'm making a video. I'll do something crazy and stupid, as long as its appropriately absurd and placed directly in the comments bar below this post. Oh, and whoever posted the comment better be one of my beloved followers. Otherwise, no dice.
     You might be wondering why this loser here is putting a video on a blog. Shouldn't he just start a vlog? The answer is no. Today, I defy the laws of the Internet. Today, I put a video on a blog. Why? Because I can.
     This is one small step for the blog, one giant leap for blogkind.
      See you this afternoon.

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