Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do I Really Want to Do This?

     I know. I promised to post like...Saturday. Sorry. I started work again, and don't care. My excuses mean nothing to you. I'm not even going to waste the time it would take to explain it to you.
     Speaking of wasting time...I feel useless. It's summer, and I'm in high school, and I actually am excited to work on my novel...and I'm too busy to breathe.
     You may ask--why are you blogging if you're so busy? Okay. You got me. I could actually be writing right now. But I just got home from church, where I came from lifeguarding, where I came from being a lawyer (or lawyer's assistant) at a real live law firm. Unfortunately, it's much less exciting than a zoo.
     So I'm tired.
     And, of course, I'm watching LOST. Enough said.
     And now I'm falling asleep. And blogging has remarkably less appeal when you're dozing off. And I have to work tomorrow...twice.
     I'm going to bed.
     Have fun reading this.

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