Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scheduling & Service

     I missed it again.
     Do I dare apologize?
     So, in virtue of the fact that I am really bad about plosting (blog posting, for the word-mixing inept) when life intervenes, I have decided to make some changes. Namely, I have created a blogging schedule.
     Yeah. I hate it too.
     So from now on, I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday. EVERY single one of them. And maybe--no promises here--maybe Saturdays. If I want. But every week, there will be at least one real post...and one AUTOFILL THURSDAY!!
     Yes. This post counts.
     Now on to something more real. One of the main reasons that I have not been posting on this is that I am a high school senior. And I am applying for colleges. And scholarships. And grants. And internships. And...need I say more?
     No. I don't. But I will. I came across these really awesome grants for community service projects. Like super awesome. To win the grants, you have to prove that you have a) a project; b) a timetable; and c) a website and group of workers to finish it.
     Wait a minute. A website?
     I have a website.
     I wish you could see my smile right now.
     So I am adding these grants to my enormous spreadsheet of scholarships. And I want your input. You got project ideas? Let me know. You wanna tag team? We can do the same project in cities everywhere. Hey! Good idea. Make it writing related.
     Any--and all--ideas and comments are welcome. Soon, a section of this blog will be decdicated to my yet untitled, undecided, and altogether vague community service project.
     Let's do this.  
     See you on Thursday.

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