Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Date with Google

Hello, Blogworld! It's Thursday, which means...WHAT? Oh, come on now. You know you know.

Okay, I'll tell you. AUTOFILL THURSDAY!!! Whoo! Mass excitement.

Today's question (Can you guess? Can you guess?) is...What are you? Let's find out.

Question One: What are you waiting for?
Answer One: I'm waiting for my brother to get off of the TV, cause I want it! But hey. Thanks for asking. Now what you waiting for, random person googling nonsense?

Question Two: What are you sinking about?
Answer Two: Uhh...what? What am I sinking about? Is that...singing? Thinking? Or do you really want to know what is pulling me to the bottom of a deep body of water? Because somehow, I don't think that's what you really wanted to know. Is it?

Question Three: What are you doing in Spanish?
Answer Three: Nothing. I'm in Latin. (Again. Yes, I know. I'll complain about it sometime later.) But what you're doing in Spanish, obviously, is Googling things. In English, no less. Muoy Bueno, kid. (I need a Spanish spell-check).

Question Four: What are you passionate about?
Answer Four: Writing. But you obviously knew that. (Unless you're new to this page. In which case, hi! Don't forget to follow me!! :) ) Other than that, I am a little uncomfortable sharing my passions with Google. Shut up, nosy.

Question Five: What are you up to?
Answer Five: Right now, I'm writing a blog post about STUPID THINGS PEOPLE ASK GOOGLE. But after that, I might go eat some dinner. I'm starting to get the rumblin' in the tummy (and sleep deprivation is making me weird. Sorry). The question is...what are you up to? Oh wait, I know. Googling stuff. Real productive.

Question Six: What are you up too?
Answer Six: Oh, so not only are we asking stupid questions on Google, but now we're asking them WRONGLY. Come on. What are you doing, also? That's like asking what you're multitasking in.

Question Seven: What are you doing the rest of your life?
Answer Seven: Wow. So nosy. Well, obviously if Flash turns out well, maybe I'll be a novelist. Otherwise, I'm thinking business or economics. What do you think?

Question Eight: What are you looking for in a relationship partner?
Answer Eight: Um, Google? I know you're nosy and all, but...that's kinda crossing the line. It's not like we're on a date or anything. Yes, that's where  the title came from. I just wanted to make you read the whole thing to figure out why some idiot named his blog post A Date with Google.

Question Nine: What are you allowed to take on an airplane?
Answer Nine: Not a bomb. Or toothpaste, cause that makes a bomb. Or weapons, cause those are like bombs. Or bouncy balls, cause those make people think about bombs. Or screaming babies. Then people want to use the bombs on you.

And that's all! You wanted to know what a date with Google could possibly have to do with Autofill Thursday. I showed you. Now, I'm leaving.

But before I do, I have an important announcement. I am now an intern with the Healthy Respect nonprofit organization, and will be running the Facebook page for the Midland, Texas area! If you are stumbling upon this blog from there...sorry. This is one of the weirder posts. Congrats on sticking with it, though! However, if you are a regular (I say that like people care about this blog) viewer, please join my Facebook page (yes. Even if you do not live in Midland.) I want ideas from all of you, especially my publishing friends and connections. If you want, I can even hook up your teenagers (or you teenagers, in some cases) with your own Facebook page to manage!

So go to Facebook. Right now. Search for Hallway Chat @ Midland High School - Texas. You'll find it. While you're at it, add me (Alex Hoagland) on Facebook. I'd be happy to have you.

See you Tuesday.

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