Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Watering the World

     Hello! My name is Alex Hoagland, and this is the page where I plan to change the world.
     I am a senior at Midland High School (which you probably know, if you read the rest of my website). This page is now a temporary home for my nation-wide project, Watering the World.
     Here's the plan. In cooperation with (don't tell them--I haven't asked them yet.), I am planning a Water the World day to help raise money for clean water and wells around the world. I want to do this by selling bottled water across the nation (I am currently asking for donations of this water, so if anyone reading this owns a bottled water company...hi!)
     That's the start. I want to make this a big deal. I want to publicize this day. I want to create something monumental. It takes $25 to buy one person clean water for life.
     I want to buy the world clean water for life.
     That's where you come in. I want you to read this page. Consider the project. All I am asking for you to do is sell bottled water (and even that is a maybe...several months down the road, at least.) But for this to be a nationwide fundraiser, I need help. That means you, my publishing and writing friends in Utah and Idaho. That means you, my college friends across the country. That means you, random person from Wisconsin that stumbled across this page. Heck, if someone from Ukraine finds this and wants to help, I will let you. I repeat--I want to make this BIG.
     So if you can help, comment on this post and leave me your name and city and state of residence. To get follow-up information throughout the year, you will need to do one of two things--leave your email (making sure its example AT yahoo DOT com to avoid spam) or follow this blog.
     If you can't help (or don't think I can pull it off), I ask only one favor. Send this to your friends--especially those who live in obscure places, or places you don't already see on the list. Please--this is a good cause, and I want to help.
     Of course, if you're a rich businessman (or woman) and have money to donate, I will definitely take that. Right now, though, all I am asking for is a commitment to help a few months down the road.
     I will keep you posted as this project takes off. I have big goals. Grants. Wells. Mass happiness.
     But for now, just click on the link and comment on the post.
     You're awesome.

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  1. Your Watering The World project is fantastic! We take so much for granted. How vital water is! So how are you orchestrating the delivery of funds to people in need? Are you donating it to then? I'll brainstorm ways to help. Bravo!


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