Friday, October 28, 2011


Road trip!

We're off to see the--no. Not wizard. I'm off to see the great and wonderful Brigham Young University. And so, stuck in a car, I have finally blog.

I know. I'm pretty much the worst blogger ever to roam the blogosphere. I shouldn't be allowed to live. This blog would be so awesome...if it's author would take the time to post. I have an iPhone, so I should be able to blog anywhere, even with a picture. Blame it on senior year. But I am trying.

So'd you see my books? Mom was magnanimous enough to let me stop at the library before we left, so I stocked up. Kristin Cashore is my hero. Does anyone know if she's published Bitterblue yet, or when it's set to come out?

Ten books (one of them mine) and a newMayday Parade CD. I think I should be set for the next few days, don't you?

So tomorrow--wait. Sunday (days blend in the car) I'm going to church in a BYU student ward. By myself. All alone. For three hours. With college kids. That'll be fun.

At least I'll have something to blog about.

So you may wonder why exactly a Mormon is visiting BYU? Does he have another choice? Isn't he already convinced?

Um. No. Right now, I'm trying to decide--either BYU or Boston U, which has an awesome film program and an even more enticing dual degree system. BYU--as far as can be told from the website--is questionable in both aspects. So we are en route to the Palace of the Cougars to investigate.

What do you think? Especially the Mormons out there--is a non-church school okay? Better? Worse? Crazy? Dumb?

Well, feel free to share your opinions. As for me, the Internet connection is so slow that this has taken over an hour to post. I am done. Mayday Parade calls. Maybe I'll read Freakonomics next.

And I promised. There will be a post tomorrow.

Alex Hoagland

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